Make your payments from anywhere. 

Once a customer is enrolled in NetTeller Online Banking, paying bills is as simple as just a few clicks of a mouse, or a few pushes of a button on your smart device. 

BillPay is a FREE service for all Bank of Turtle Lake customers. Forget about writing checks, buying stamps, and envelopes. Set up Payees in BillPay and select if you want one time or recurring payments for each payee. The funds are automatically deducted from whatever checking account you choose. With Bill Pay, viewing your payment history is very convenient. 

To sign up for this FREE service, log into your NetTeller Online Banking and select the BillPay tab, read the terms and conditions and follow a few simple steps to activate your BillPay.

Contact any of our customer service representatives during regular business hours at 701-448-2323 for further information.